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February 02 2014

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October 20 2013


where fictional characters go to die


Mad man without the box - Such an idjit
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August 28 2013

— Books
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August 02 2013


July 27 2013

Except you can’t show a topless woman on TV - and you can’t defibrillate a woman in a bra. So victims of heart attacks on TV are *always* male. Did you know that a woman having a heart attack is more likely to have back or jaw pain than chest or left arm pain? I didn’t - because I’ve never seen a woman having a heart attack. I’ve been trained in CPR and Advanced First Aid by the Red Cross over 15 times in my life, the videos and booklets always have a guy and say the same thing about clutching his chest and/or bicep.

And people laugh when I tell them women are still invisible in this world.


re: feministing - for women, heart attacks look different

Things I did not know, but should.

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This is a post that might save a life. 

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My mom worked for 25 years as an ER nurse and is convinced that a lot of women die simply because folks only know heart attack symptoms that occur in males. 

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Society thinks our bodies are so scandalous that it’s better to put our lives at risk than to show us how to stay safe

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Yep. They definitely don’t teach you that. SMH.

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June 06 2013

Erst Jahre später taucht er in einem pinken Cadillac und von Mossadagenten verfolgt an der deutsch-holländischen Grenze auf. Außerdem im durchlöcherten Auto, der russische Elvis Imitator Nikolai Sergejvich Kherov, 6 Kilo Koks, die tote Ölbaronin Sakhan Dosova, 20l Schimmelentferner, der Kofferraum voll NATO-Patronen sowie eine Ananas. Abgeführt wurde er mit den Worten "Mir wird grad alles ein bisschen zu viel". 
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May 09 2013

I wanted to put a reference to masturbation in one of the scripts for the Sandman. It was immediately cut by the editor. She told me, “There’s no masturbation in the DC Universe.” To which my reaction was, “Well that explains a lot about the DC Universe.
— Neil Gaiman, flawless human being

April 05 2013


December 20 2012

// is value negative?
if ( "-" == value.toString().substr(0,1) ) {
 // value is negative ... 
Fun with Maths - The Daily WTF
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December 09 2012

Accordion to a recent survey, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence often goes undetected.
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November 08 2012

you will never be alone 
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October 13 2012


No, Moslems don’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

Think of it like a movie. The Torah is the first one, and the New Testament the sequel. Then the Qu’ran comes out, and it retcons the last one like it never happened. There’s still Jesus, but he’s not the main character anymore, and the messiah hasn’t shown up yet.

Jews like the first movie but ignored the sequels. Christians think you need to watch the first two, but the third movie doesn’t count. The Moslems think the third one was the best, and Mormons liked the second one so much, they started writing fanfiction that doesn’t fit with ANY of the series canon.

How to Explain the Religions of Abraham to the Hollywood Generation | [via] Unsettled Christianity
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October 06 2012

Pull a Romney

To lie in a job interview.

“I’m totally unqualified for the job, so I figured I'd just pull a Romney. The interviewer bought it though, I start tomorrow!”
Urban Dictionary: pull a romney
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July 13 2012

Titanic: "Wir werden sämtliche Rechtsmittel ausschöpfen und notfalls bis zum Jüngsten Gericht ziehen."
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July 11 2012

Der positive Befund der Blutprobe auf Opiate kann nicht widerlegbar auf die [2 Stunden zuvor erfolgte] ärztliche Morphin-Gabe am Unfallort zurückgeführt werden.
— Ein Staatsanwalt, via law blog
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July 05 2012

Ich habe Prokrastination jetzt auf "schwer" durchgespielt.
— Marina Weisband

June 30 2012

2½EL Mehl, 2½EL Zucker, 1TL Backpulver, 1TL Kakao in Schale vermischen, dann 2EL Öl, 1 Ei, ½ Banane einrühren. 3min bei 80% in Mikrowelle.

June 29 2012

Meinungsfreiheit schützt dich vor Strafverfolgung, nicht davor, dass ich dich für einen Vollpfosten halte.
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June 18 2012

Merke: Umgehe niemals eine Session-ID, es könnte eine Urheberrechtsverletzung sein. BGH NJW 2011, 769.

June 16 2012

Wie cool is das denn? Alle YT Videos von @me_nsfw in einer Playliste (automatisch von YouTube erstellt!)
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